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Foreign tours and events are integral to athletics, providing unique opportunities for growth, a recruiting edge and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re an Athletic Director, coach, athlete, parent or fan, we are committed to providing the most unique, memorable and impactful experiences through world-wide tours and elite-level events.

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Team Tours

What’s your story? Learning about your interests and goals to craft a tour specifically for you is what we love to do. With our hidden-gem excursions and countless combinations, we custom-design tours with your preferences and our experience. From Croatia to the Caribbean, Germany to Greece and Ireland to Italy, it’s your tour, your way.

Tournaments & Events

These games count, and your experience matters. Our passion at J5 is hosting elite-level events that provide opportunities for athletes of all sports to showcase their talents in a world-class setting. We place a high value on selecting locations, venues and partnerships that align with our mission to continue to raise the profile of women’s sports across the globe.

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Exclusive Group Travel

Blend your passion for sport, travel and culture into one unique and unforgettable adventure. Spend eight days touring the sights, tasting the cuisine, and experiencing live sports across Europe as a member of the ENTOURAGE!


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Your Tour Matters to Us

Sports Travel Executive, Susie Jarosch, grew up studying the game of basketball. From the driveway of her family home in Appleton, MN to the Civic Center of Prince Rupert, B.C. Canada, Susie’s family encouraged her to pursue her dreams. These dreams were realized as a Division I college basketball player in the Pac-12 Conference and as a European pro.

After retiring, she continued to grow an array of professional and personal relationships while working in the NBA and WNBA, and across the globe as a sports agent. Susie represented a number of athletes including Naismith Hall of Famer and Olympian, Lauren Jackson, Marion Jones and Justin Forsett.

Susie has taken what she’s learned from her Pastor-dad about living a life full of meaningful relationships and channeled that to business, linking sports, travel and culture. It’s called J5, inspired by Susie’s own family of 5, and a team concept where everyone contributes their unique talents and skills.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of college athletics, J5 is an experienced team that is informed, progressive and adaptable as sport itself. This translates into the most customizable and best in class adventures for you and your team.

J5 has LIVED experiences; now it’s your turn.

Own Your Journey. Live Your Story.

Our Experience. Our Passion. Our Specialty.


Women-Owned and Operated

J5 Inc is women-owned and operated by a passionate team of former college athletes, DI coaches, business professionals, avid globetrotters and adventure seekers who love to share their favorite travel experiences!








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